Kontrast lässt erkennen

Romana Arinda Arinda & Romana Portrait of a young woman wearing a jacket with puff shoulders, a black top and a feather necklace. She wears wine-red lipstick and golden eyeshadow. She holds her head tilted and looks outside of the picture frame. In the background is a rack with CDs. Alex Portrait of a young man, who grabs his longer blond hair on top of his head. He wears a blue-grey-ish dress with a print of small flowers. Both his red lipstick as his black eye shadow are smeared. In the background are gig posters on a blue wall. Lasse Portrait of a young woman sitting on a chair in an attic. She sits on the edge of the chair and has her right leg strechted out while she leans slightly backwards. She smiles which shows her white teeth framed from red lips. On the dusty floor in the back is an old trunk. She wears a green-gold shiny dress. Lotte